Addiguru Goes to Rapid 2023

Addiguru Goes to Rapid 2023:

In the dynamic world of additive manufacturing, staying at the forefront of innovation is crucial. Addiguru, a pioneering company in advanced monitoring and analytics solutions for additive manufacturing, recently embarked on an exciting journey to the Rapid additive manufacturing conference 2023. This blog post highlights Addiguru’s presence at the event, from showcasing their cutting-edge software to forging strategic partnerships and making significant industry connections.

The Addiguru Booth: Displaying the Future of Additive Manufacturing Monitoring Solutions at Rapid 2023: Addiguru team showcased their state-of-the-art software for real-time monitoring and analytics in additive manufacturing. (Figure 1) The booth attracted a diverse range of professionals, including engineers, designers, and industry experts eager to explore the possibilities of intelligent quality control and process optimization. The event served as a platform to exchange insights, address industry challenges, and demonstrate the effectiveness of Addiguru’s software in enhancing the additive manufacturing process. Head of Engineering, Charles Babbitt, expressed his thoughts on the RAPID/TCT Conference: “The RAPID/TCT Conference is a fantastic opportunity to explore and showcase the latest advancements in the additive manufacturing field. It provided us with valuable feedback from both current and potential customers, allowing us to enhance the Addiguru product we have already deployed in the market.”

Figure 1: Addiguru Team at RAPID+TCT2023.

Shuchi “SK” Takes the Stage: A highlight of Rapid+TCT 2023 was CEO Shuchi “SK”‘ Khurana’s insightful talk. With his industry expertise, “SK” discussed the future of additive manufacturing and emphasized the significance of advanced monitoring and analytics in achieving quality and efficiency.

Figure 2: XACT Metal and Addiguru Announce Strategic Partnership: Juan-Mario Gomez (CEO & Founder XACT Metal), Shuchi “SK” Khurana (CEO & Founder Addiguru)

His presentation resonated with the audience and has generated several follow-up discussions. A link to the presentation can be found here: (the presentation)

A Strategic Collaboration with Xact Metal: Breaking news from Rapid 2023 was the announcement of Addiguru’s strategic partnership with Xact Metal, a leading additive manufacturing hardware company. This collaboration combines Addiguru’s intelligent monitoring software with Xact Metal’s cutting-edge metal 3D printers, paving the way for seamless integration of data-driven insights into the additive manufacturing workflow. The partnership represents a significant step forward in driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing. The two company CEO’s are pictured in Figure 2.

Figure 3: Addiguru booth on-display at Rapid+TCT Chicago 2023

Rapid + TCT 2023 proved to be a successful event for Addiguru, with the company leaving a positive mark on the additive manufacturing community. From their compelling booth showcasing advanced monitoring software to the insightful talk by CEO “SK” and the strategic partnership with Xact Metal, Addiguru demonstrated their commitment to revolutionizing the additive manufacturing landscape. Lastly, Addiguru is a proud member of #AmericaMakes and made sure to include their member plaque shown below in Figure 3. As we continue our journey of innovation, Addiguru reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the field, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing.