What’s new with Addiguru |Q2 2023

What’s new with Addiguru- Q2 2023
Addiguru’s new release is now out, with a ton of NEW FEATURES AND IMPROVEMENTS.

Improved detection of LPBF anomalies

The new release is now updated with a newly trained model that is more accurate in detecting anomalies under different lighting conditions and for various materials for the Laser Powderbed Fusion process. As always, users have the choice to adjust the sensitivity levels for each anomaly individually to suit their needs.

A new Camera page

The new Camera page displays a larger-than-life live view from all cameras used for monitoring builds. It also provides features to record videos and take snapshots in real-time.

Automatically start and stop monitoring

You now have the ability to establish an API connection to your 3D Printer to automatically start and stop monitoring of builds. 

This feature can be accessed via Settings > Machine > Machine Connection

Support for multiple cameras

You can now add multiple PixelLink and other cameras to capture views from different angles enabling more robust anomaly detection. 

This feature can be accessed via Settings > Machine > Add Camera

A new universal status bar 

A status bar has been added to the bottom of the application so that critical information is always a glance away no matter what page on the application you are on.

The status bar shows:
  • Status of currently running builds
  • Live view from currently running cameras
  • Log of recent tasks

No more accidental exits

The latest update of the application now requires confirmation before exiting. This new feature will prevent any accidental exits and save you from any unnecessary stress.

Ability to add separate folders for Afterlaser and Powderbed

The update includes a new camera option that allows you to use separate folders for Afterlaser and Powderbed images. This feature is particularly useful for machines that store these images in separate folders by default. With the new Folder Camera option, it’s now easier to add and manage these images in the Addiguru application.

This feature can be accessed via Settings > Machine > Camera > Camera Type > Folder Images

Other improvements:
  • Improved cleanup of background tasks
  • User interface improvements

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