Our Technology

Platform Solution

Addiguru is a platform software solution that integrates many different sensors, technologies, and capabilities. The software is easy to use, built by user feedback, and deployed to over 25 installs.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is an important technology that Addiguru incorporates into its decision making software. Addiguru analyzes each layer of a build using computer vision, AI, and ML to identify critical process errors and send real-time alerts to save production time and costs.


The software compiles and analyzes data from different off-the-shelf sensors: Optical Sensor, Inter Layer Temperature, Optical Tomography, Machine Data, and Acoustics. Additionally, simulation results can be added to enhance the detection of issues and help with part qualification.

The table below shows the development stage of each sensor that Addiguru interacts with.

✅ = Ready

⏳ = In Development

R&D Prototyping Production
Machine Data
Interlayer Temperature
Optical Tomography
Fringe Projection TBD
Acoustics TBD
Optical Monitoring

The Addiguru Team has focused on implementing easy to use sensors. Addiguru opinion is the largest value can be captured from optical images. Additional value can be found from other sensing modalities, but sensors should be strategically selected based on manufacturing needs. The pareto chart below shows the impact of different possible in-process monitoring methods.

Optical Detail

Different manufacturing applications require different optical monitoring solutions. The table below outlines the resolution and approximate minimum defect size visible by different optical sources.

EOS M290 Standard Webcam Addiguru Addiguru ZOOMTM Human Eye
Readiness Level TRL-9 (reference only) TRL-9 TRL-7 (reference only)
Camera Resolution 1.3MP 2MP 20MP 50MP 576MP
mm/pixel (250x250mm build plate) 0.219 0.13 0.046 0.030 0.010