Awards, Publications, & Presentations


Addiguru is commited to developing cutting-edge solutions to the problems that face the additive manufacturing industry. The company has completed multiple research projects and is actively engaged in more.

Sponsor Project Start Year
Air Force STTR Phase 1 2023
Navy SBIR Phase 1 2023
Air Force STTR Phase 1 2022
Air Force STTR Phase 2 2022
Oak Ridge National Lab Innovation Crossroads 2021
Air Force STTR Phase 1 2021
Air Force STTR Phase 1 2020

Addiguru has been recognized for its innovative approach in multiple collaborative projects.

Sponsor Award Year
America Makes Delta Qual Sub Award 2023
America Makes Open Platform Sub Award 2020
Formnext Startup of the Year 2020
Technical Publications / Presentations

Improving Laser Powderbed Fusion Manufacturing Process: Detecting Flaws through Anomaly Repetition and Monitoring Interlayer Temperature with Infrared and Optical Cameras
S. Khurana, B. DiMarco, P. Apostolou, C. Babbitt, M. Lander, and K. Mokadam
International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing (ICAM), October 2023

Real-time Monitoring of Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing Process Using Multiple Sensors and Machine Learning
S. Khurana, P. Apostolou, B. Jared, J. Norton, S. Williams, E. Miramontes, C. Babbitt
Solid Freeform Fabrication Conference, TMS, August 2023

Features and Benefits of In-Situ Monitoring of Additive Manufacturing Processes
S. Khurana
RAPID+TCT, May 2023​

In-situ monitoring of Laser-Powder-Bed-Fusion using IR and NIR emissions to detect thermal anomalies
M. A. Roach, B. Fowler, D. Thakkar, C. Babbitt, S. Khurana, B. H. Jared
Solid Free Form Fabrication, Solid Freeform Fabrication 2022: Proceedings of the 33rd Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, pp. 1234-1247

In-Situ Monitoring of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Using Optical Camera for Detection of Process Anomalies
C. Babbitt, D. Thakkar, S. Khurana (Addiguru); B. H. Jared, D. Goodspeed, M. A. Roach
American Society of Precision Engineering, July 2022​