Real-time Monitoring
and Issue Detection

Now Additive Manufacturers can effectively monitor their builds in REAL-TIME.
The Software

​ Addiguru provides a software platform for automated detection of issues and real-time analysis of data from additive manufacturing processes. The goal is to reduce the part qualification time and effort.

  • Confidently make informed decisions to reduce V&V time
  • Improved quality assurance
  • Cost reduction via increased efficiency & failed build savings
  • Automatically convert data into actionable information
  • On-demand generation of build reports and data logs
Why Addiguru?
  • Industry leading AI algorithms for defect detection
  • Superior customer service & support
  • US Defense (DoD) and global commercial users and partners
Issue Detection

​ Addiguru’s in-process monitoring solutions collect appropriate amount of data with decision-making information. The software leverages the layer by layer and other information to provide analysis. With team’s unique knowledge of materials science, computer vision, and artificial intelligence Addiguru has developed a novel technology to process multiple sensor data and provide in-situ quality monitoring results with high accuracy in the industry.

"Addiguru’s software is extremely useful for monitoring my builds. It has made my work flow more efficient by giving me some peace of mind. I love that Addiguru is regularly adding more features based on the users' feedback."
~ Colin Kools
"Addiguru’s in situ monitoring software sends notifications of issues detected within seconds of layer completion. It allows us to catch issues earlier, thereby saving headaches and time."
~ Nathan Jantzen
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Addiguru’s real-time monitoring software for FDM is easy to use. It has saved a significant amount of time and money for us.
~ Dean Jaric

Saving Time and Money For Industry Partners

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