Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

The FFF Process

Just like other additive manufacturing techniques, extrusion-based processes have been known to cause issues such as spaghetti, delamination, over extrusion, under extrusion, nozzle clog, etc.

Addiguru’s REAL-TIME monitoring solution for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) process uses off-the-shelf optical cameras to look for any such issues and notifies users of anomalies in real-time. NOW your team can focus on tasks more important than watching for a failed print!

Independent of machine and material, the software has the ability to automatically pause prints if a failure is detected, saving users material and time costs.

Addiguru’s software is compatible with Windows as well as Raspberry Pi allowing easy and affordable scalability in print farms and service bureaus.

A Quick Video Of The FFF Process
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"Addiguru’s software is extremely useful for monitoring my builds. It has made my work flow more efficient by giving me some peace of mind. I love that Addiguru is regularly adding more features based on the users' feedback."
~ Colin Kools
"Addiguru’s in situ monitoring software sends notifications of issues detected within seconds of layer completion. It allows us to catch issues earlier, thereby saving headaches and time."
~ Nathan Jantzen
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Addiguru’s real-time monitoring software for FDM is easy to use. It has saved a significant amount of time and money for us.
~ Dean Jaric
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